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Arboretum Carnivet

Under the proposed protective measures around the abstraction of drinking water, the common Quessoy acquired 14 ha of the 26 ha area concerned. Part was conducted in forest afforestation entrusted to the National Forestry Office, the rest is occupied by the arboretum which combines different oak species (several hundred) localized by continents.

The purpose of this space is twofold: public reception and educational purposes.
Receptionpublic is by footpaths, some stabilized, other grassy and forest positions needed to maintain the area vocation "plantation production."

The educational aspect is the collection of oak species to be discovered on site, along with educational panels.

Representative 33,600 m² of plantations and 2 km of roads, l 'arboretum Carnivet is during a walk along the river anddiscovery of a protected natural environment. Hundreds 's different species of oaks ' s are everywhere to represent the continents of the world and shrub characteristics.