• castle and domain Plessix 0

castle and domain Plessix

The castle Plessix (private) dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth century keeps its original building the tower of the north side while the rest of the building is classically inspired.

In particular, it housed many famous people such as Charles Budes Governor Lamballe in the seventeenth century.

Drained by the stream of the urn, the field of Plessix (seven hectares) offers a fitness trail, playground for children as well as adults arounda body of water.

At the edge of the river, on a elder is strangely arcbouté above way, as to allow the passage ... The Elderberry is the tree fairies. Beware because a log burning in the fireplace elderberry is open wide the door to hell! Judas hanged himself to the tree after his betrayal.

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