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Château du Colombier - Hénon

The manor house dates from 1450 and has a remarkable corner turret from same period. The facade is classical 17 century.

Founded by the VISDELOUP of BEDEE family, the park was originally set out in the French style, but remodeled in the late eighteenth in the English style.

The property has been in the same family for five centuries. After the huge hurricane damage of 1987, the family strove to give the park and gardens their original appearance by new plantations and a renewed care and upkeep of the site.

The park today is accessible all year round by appointment. Now listed and classified "Jardin Remarquable", you can also visit on various events: Neurodon, Heritage Days...
For more information: imageapjb.org/fr/parcs/l...

For more information about the chateau and its grounds:
http :/ / www.henon.fr/Le-chateau-du-colombier-et-son-parc-classe_166.html

The domaine is also part of a tour:
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The Domaine is also proud to participate in the promotion of Pays de Moncontour:
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Appointments to the gardens of Country Moncontour:
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First nameCatherine
Phone02 96 73 57 81
AddressLe Colombier
Zip code22150