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Château de la Houssaye - Quessoy

Château de la Houssaye

This castle dates from the eighteenth century. It consists of a large main building with two floors - the facade bearing the insignia of "Viscount" Advisors and President Mortier Parliament of Britain in the eighteenth century - a dovecote and a chapel.
The arms were hammered Revolution. Jean-Baptiste Le Vicomte was one of the last defenders of the rights of Britain thus opposing the Comte de Mirabeau.
Château de la Houssaye
Quessoy 22120
Tel. : 02 96 42 30 04

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Park open daily except Sundays, from July 15 to 31 August.
Group visits by appointment only.

Téléphone02 96 42 30 04
Adresse15, rue de la Houssaye
Code postal22120