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Cross Saint-Germain

Cross Saint-Germain is one of the few cross monolithic type Country Moncontour.

It is characterized by its massive and rough look that can set its origin to the twelfth or thirteenth century.

It is to be linked with the neighboring site Beau Soleil, whose etymology and topography reveal its ancient vocation to worship Belen, solar planet that governs the life, worship and recovered perpetuated by Christianity .

This crossStone is the only remaining site of Saint-Germain vestige.

From 1689 there was a chapel and cemetery. In rural areas, burials around, or inside, chapels were common. This was also the case here.

Until 1790, it provides a permanent chaplain offices. Revolution passed, St Germain (Bishop of Auxerre, a missionary in England and died in 448) there was always celebrated on the nearest Sunday July 31. This forgiveness existeduntil after the Second World War.

In 1854, the building was demolished in poor condition. Two years later, the pastor of Hénon, had built a new chapel honoring St. Germain and St. Isidore, patron of the harvest, until 1953. The chapel was demolished, the best stones are used to Notre-Dame-Du-Haut in Trédaniel while the bell was given to a missionary who prevailed in Upper Volta.

The Family Mintier has been buried in the chapel of St.Germain.

Today there remains only this monolithic cross millennium.