• Discover the medieval citadel (continued) - Moncontour 0

Discover the medieval citadel (continued) - Moncontour

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  • Leaving the church turn into rue La Poterie. In front of you you will see a beautiful restored half-timbered building which now hosts Moncontour's second museum : Théatre du Costume. The facade has an interesting original feature being a carved head incorporated into the woodwork.
  • Now take the street to your leftRue du DocteurSagoryand join the Treasury in the Rue des Dames by turning right at the end of the street. Hôtel Ker-Jégu a 17th century mansion at the end the street, houses the current Town Hall.
  • To the left of the Town Hall (Hotel de Ville), the steps ofMarche de la Porte d'en Baswill lead toJardin dEuropeandbeyond to the foot of the ramparts. Turn right continuing up intoRue de l'Eperon .
  • Follow the ramparts to the right, and you can see what remains of the city walls built in the 11th century. Take time also to admire the last remaining arched gateway (Poterne St Jean) which survived the dismantling of the city battlements around 1626.
  • To complete your circuit, continue up rue St Jean and take the alley to the side of the bank to see the remains of the castle and imagine how impressive the citadel would have been.

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