The architectural heritage of Moncontour

Moncontour has a rich and varied heritage.

In order to better organize your schedule, here are some ideas of places to discover:

Patrimoine architectural
Patrimoine naturel
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Picnic areasReal Estate Agency - MoncontourSaint Avertin (or Ivertin - Yvertin - Livertin)Saint Clair
Various picnic areas are available on the territory of the Community Commons. Langast: At the edge of two ponds first and second category, this area is ideal for a picnic with family: great space to relax, play, or fish ... Moncontour: Two sites waiting for you to restore: The first is located near the town hall. Very shady, this place will seduce you with its panorama, stunning viewsthe valley of Moncontour. The second, near the retirement home "St Thomas of New Town ",... Jardin naturel biologique en permaculture Present at Notre-Dame du HautConfessor, twelfth century."Deacon and canon regular of the Congregation of Gilbertines, England, it is fellow exile Thomas of Canterbury. Then removed in Touraine, he devoted himself to serving the poor and pilgrims, before dying to 1189.Can lonely death in the odor of sanctity and canonized by popular piety. He is the patron of Bougival, in the diocese of Versailles, but he is revered in many other places. "An oratoryit was dedicated to Andel. Coated ornaments... present at Notre Dame du Haut.Clarus (lat.).Cler in Celtic.First Bishop of Nantes, in the third century. He was sent by the Pope to Brittany to 280 by giving him sole relic the nail had pierced the right hand of St. Peter during his crucifixion.The legend has aged founder of the seat of Nantes Saint Lin, successor of St. Peter, the sacra, say, a bishop in the year 69 and died at 96. This way of doing it live in the first centuryallowed the fabulous hagiography to get in touch with a disciple of...
Saint Houarniault (or Hervé)Saint HubertSaint LubinSaint Mamert (or Mamers)
present at Notre Dame du Hautit is the largest Breton saint."His father, Hyvarnon or Houarnon, from Great Britain, married a virtuous maiden, Rivanon, who gave him a blind son, Hervé. His reputation for holiness gave him considerable influence. "Houarniault founded in the fifth century monastery whose site takes its name from Lanhouarneau (Finistère). Blind hermit and musician, he worked for the education of children and the poor reception of the Menez-Bre.He is credited with the famous... Present at Notre Dame du Haut Bishop eighth century "Born in Aquitaine in a noble family, he leads initially a social life at court Thierry III and Pepin of Herstal. Converted, he was ordained priest by St. Lambert, Bishop of Maastricht, in which he succeeded. He transferred the body of his predecessor in Liège where he fixed his episcopal see in the following year 720. It converts the idolaters of the Ardennes forest and dies afterconsecrated the new church Fur-en-Brabant 30 May 727. His Present at Notre-Dame du HautBishop, sixth century."After eight years of monastic life in his hometown, he went to St Avit in Perche, on the advice of it, goes to the monastery of Lérins but stops at the island Beard, near Lyon. Prisoner of the French during a war between them and the Burgundians, it is abused but managed at great expense to return to St Avit. On the death of the latter, about 530, he spent 5 years in the wildernessCharbonnières. He was then ordained by Ethereal, bishop of... Presents at Notre Dame du HautBishop, fifth century"Mamertus was one of the glories of the Church of Gaul. Bishop of Vienna, Dauphiné, illustrated by his knowledge, his virtues and miracles, he is best known for having introduced the Rogation prayers. He is the witness of the great public calamities falling upon the land, and his episcopal city during the invasions of the Huns. For ward, he ordered prayers and fasts during the 3 days preceding the Ascension.TheRogation practice adopted by
Saint MeenSt John PosternStained Glass Saint MathurinStained glass window of Saint Yves
Presents at Notre Dame du HautAbbot of the seventh century"Born in Britain in the province of Gwent, contemporary and probably the parent of St. Magloire and St. Samson, Bishop of Dol, he spent in Brittany, where he preached the Gospel. It is established by St. Samson abbot of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Gael. In the Middle Ages, it is given the ability to deliver the toothache. The Cluny Museum preserves an ancient coin from him. In 1648, St. Vincent de Paulspent fifteen days the crowds attracted... Books of the fifteenth century to the link between the southern suburbs and the city.Incsrit 's Inventory of Historical Monuments in 1926. This access to the city was closed by two massive doors. Stained 1520 This is the oldest stained glass of the churchIt reads from top to bottom, left to right.8 panels inspired by an image of popular piety. 1. Jacques de la Motte Vauclerc presented by her boss Jacques Maggiore."Health Jacob Deum ora pro me." 2. Saint Mathurin converts his father and motherIn the center, the saint violet cassockOn the right, his mother (green dress)left his father (red dress) 3. The envoys of the Roman EmperorLarchant come to pray the holy to go Dated 1537Michel De BayonneThe tympanum contains five tongsAbove, God the Father and 4 angelsFrom top to bottom, left to right( 200) 1. Yves Saint listening lessons from a friar of Rennes and takes notes while his comrades are bored.Basically, Yves Saint serves mass. 2. Yves Saint sitting in the chair of the official of Tours, a young girl asks the diocese of Tréguier denies her marriage.At the first level, the clerk shall record the testimony. 3.Miracle of the Mass of Saint YvesIn the first...