Edward MARTIN says "Doudou"

Not to forget their history and sacrifice, are reviving a moment one of the young resistant

He, said that "when one wants to make something of his life, do miss any opportunity to harden. " Edward Martin has indeed missed any occassion to harden as Felix VeilletDeslandelles second, as will be seen in the story of the actions of the guerrillas.

In Fends kiss on page 56, we met himin these terms: "a big brown boy ... eyebrows rights, stubborn, crossed low over his eyes and his forehead to give a voluntary term almost exaggerated.

Cheerful, gay, vibrant, given entirely to his mission, he speaks, he tells his day with an irresistible fever ... "The attached photograph confirms its traits.

devout Catholic, like his friend Felix, this passionate literature asserts, citing one of his favorite authors"If ever Chleux have me one day I would like to take my life in the palm of my hands, and have the time to rise to God, and give it as my humble offering of rights. ".

He also studied at SaintCharles it was scout for many years also he dreams organize postwar Marine Scouting.

Within the network of the Resistance, he was secretary, is the man reports and numbers. A scrub should beorganized method and rigor. Obviously, it is also involved in numerous missions.

The last cost him his life since he was killed during the attack on the farm rooms. His body, buried by the Germans in the garden of the farm, is exhumed and given a proper burial in the cemetery of St. Therese of Gouédic to SaintBrieuc.

This is one of many that had been resistant to the mains. If you want to immerse yourself in this periodcheck out the book "Moncontour the twentieth century" which are extracted such information.

The book (15 €) is available at the Tourist Office of the Pays de Moncontour or from the Mayor of Moncontour.

Another figure of Resistance:
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