Not to forget their history and sacrifice, are reviving a moment the young resistant

Felix Veillet-Deslandelles was born December 13, 1922 in Moncontour. His father was bailiff.

After primary education he receives the Brothers' school, he joined in 1936 at the Collège Saint-Charles Saint-Brieuc. It gets baccaulauréat secondary education in 1941 and continued for two years in Rennes studies crowned lawsuccess since obtained two certificates of license.

In June 1943, Felix refractory STO share camouflage in a logging Landes. From there, Felix returns in a thicket of Saint-Cast. Soon, he joined Edward Martin, a friend, Saint-Brieuc, where the father of Edward, entrepreneur, committed, of course, a fictional way, to work on its projects. In fact, they carry weapons between Saint-Brieuc and Moncontour. According to Marie-PauleSalonne Felix travel "pockets full of grenades, the revolvers lined up to crack his clothing, his bicycle bag filled with explosives or illegal newspapers belt: it wick into his socks."

Very soon in connection with the Abbe Fleury and Commander Metairie, resistant Saint-Brieuc, the second to marvel action thereof in the department. He organized and became the head of the OR 14, Network of Resistancefor the entire sector Moncontour (Hénon, Quessoy, The Gouray, Collinée, Pommeret and Plouguenast). "He passed the most dangerous missions and organized numerous maquis in a strongly occupied by the enemy sector ... "As stated in the citation for his Military Cross. Its actions will be developed along with those of his companions because Felix never boasted, he gave himself unreservedly, "he could pass on to others the desire tofight without hope of praise or reward ", then it must respect the sacrifice of one who claimed to have sacrificed his life for France.

Hunted by the Gestapo, he continues his work with quiet contempt of danger, making the admiration of all his comrades. Animated by the purest patriotism, he uses his strength in the service of FFI, not giving no respite.
While waiting, with many companions, a drop weaponsfrom the English in the farm Venues Hénon, Germans, probably by a knowledgeable informant, encircle and attack the guerrillas hiding, July 10, 1944. He was taken prisoner after a bout half past one. In his book Fends kiss Marie-Paule Salonne says Felix and Louis Dieulesaint, Edward Martin and Lieutenant Robert Hanus said Raoul, sacrifice to cover the retreat of their men in standing up to the enemy untilexhaustion of ammunition, and killing thirty of their assailants. At twenty-two, who had donated his life to France, is led to Uzel, "this city renowned for its atrocious torture chamber whose name alone makes one shudder."

The testimony of Ms. Baratoux, which served as a relay for the paratroopers, also arrested and taken to Uzel, is poignant truth she saw Felix, Louis and many others in the hands of the Germans and militiamen.Report always, thanks to Marie-Paule Salonne martyrdom of these young people: "I saw them go up to the interrogation. And I heard the shots, the guttural cries of Boches and the cries of pain of the martyrs. The poor Felix was already unrecognizable bruised, wounded, a rag ... Her beautiful blonde hair hanging miserably on his face bloodied. I even heard him shout, "Mom! "In the midst of his sufferings ... "

is executed withoutprobably 13 or 14 July 1944, in the forest of Lorges with other resistant Uzel also tortured to near three kilometers. October 30, 1944, an anonymous mass grave was found in circumstances described in numerous journals. His body was identified and some time later, a religious ceremony is organized to provide a decent burial to the young tough who was also a fervent Christian.

It 's is there ' s one of manyresistant that 's had on the sector. If you want to dive back into this period see the book "Moncontour the twentieth century " 's where the extracted information.

L 'work (15 €) is available at Tourist Office of the Pays de Moncontour or from the Mayor of Moncontour.

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