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Field of Vauclair

The portal of Vauclairis the 'a relic ' s former home to the area of ​​the same name pregnant.

L extent of the latter demonstrates the power of the family 's introduced. She had dependencies on all the neighboring towns.

This wall fence, five kilometers long past is still visible in its quasi-totality. It contained the mansion and chapel still present in the village of Vauclair. Can still distinguish by locationunder the vegetation.

At the foot 's stone wall, stands thecross Vauclair . Dated fifteenth century 's particular interest in this monolithic cross is the hexagonal shape of its branches.

CalledMill Vauclairor the City-Maupetit and oldest windmill Rouge, this mill is one of the few in the region to have retained its intact tower. The building of the sixteenth and seventeenth century measuring no less than eleven meters was part of the fieldof Vauclair. It was used primarily for milling wheat. It consisted of a rotating roof whose rotation is made by a tail down to the ground. Wings to be approximately between 8 and 10 meters and could be oriented in the direction of the wind.