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Mansion Vauclair

fifteenth century
Granite and Stone
The Vauclair
La Porte du Manoir Vauclair

The first owners of this area are Bouëtel. It then belongs to the family of the root ball 's Orfeil the sixteenth century and became the property of Coligny. The oldest parts of the house date back to that time, the door of which comes from the ancient chapel. Under the lordship of moncontour, the mansion has right of high justice, the right loft, different privilegesand dependencies in many neighboring parishes. The field passes successively Rosmadec to Rieux, the Lescouët, and Gouzillon of Belizal.

This is the portal of Vauclair 'a relic ' s ancient walls of the domain. L extent of the latter demonstrates the power of the family 's introduced.

She had dependencies on all surrounding municipalities. This wall fence, five kilometers long past is still visible in its quasi-totality.It contained the mansion and chapel, still present in the village of Vauclair.