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Mistress window

Conducted between 1522 and 1531.
Historic Monument in 1962.

Stained confused Dutch inspiration containing scenes from the childhood of Christ.
stunning colors: blue - red - green

At the top inset (Eternal Father) and Trim: 1884
Below, in the eardrum, two Saintes:
Santa Barbara, left and St. Catherine, right
Reads upwards from left to right.

1. Bottom: The Visitation
St. Elizabeth, red coat
The Virgin doorTwo long braids.
Before the donor Claude of Villeblanche presented by Saint Claude, the Patron Saint

2. The worship of angels, shepherds, magi. (Nativity)
At the center, the nursery
On the left, the Virgin kneeling
In front of Saint Joseph holding a candle
Basically, the shepherds in purple cloaks, warned by
2 angels red dresses.
The Magi pay homage to the infant Jesus
front and right, the donor Jacques de la Motte, presented by Saint Jacques, hisPatron Saint

3. The higher rank, The Massacre of the Innocents
On the left, a soldier pierces a child
Besides a soldier holds a child
On the right a man and a woman
Below, a woman red dress with a child dead at his feet.

4. Circumcision (Presentation in the Temple)
left the high priest
before the table, the old man Simeon
On the right, the Virgin, Saint Joseph and Anne

5. In the top right, The Flight into Egypt
The Virgin, on a donkey, holds the child
SaintJoseph led the donkey
an angel perched on a green tree