• Olivier de Clisson, warrior and great builder. 0

Olivier de Clisson, warrior and great builder.

Special Figure 's history of Britain, Olivier de Clisson (1336-1407) knows turn the misfortunes and honors. Nobleman, accessing load Constable of France and often opposite to the Duke of Brittany John IV, Olivier de Clisson defends the heritage and future of his family: his immense fortune, its huge land holdings (he owns several cities including Josselin) and alliances (remarriage to Marguerite de Rohan, widow of Jean de Beaumanoir, 's wherehe came into possession of Moncontour) have made a character unwanted turn to the King of France for the Duke of Brittany.

A Moncontour, he sees from 1387 all the defensive system of the western part of the fortress. He built a new castle in the location 's old, connected by a curtain at the front door ' s entrance to the city, "Porte d 'Up " (a tour door today 's partially destroyed), supplemented by northa system of staggered towers (tower Mognet). The build quality is remarkable: the masonry is made entirely of stone and architecture is imposing, austere even, 's image of the sponsor. The work was done in just a few years, several workshops builders have occurred at the same time, as evidenced by the many visible today 'hui lapidary still brands.

Attacked by 'ducal army in 1394(Taking Josselin), Clisson managed to escape to Moncontour where it is besieged by Jean IV in person: the work of fortification are probably completed since the Duke must abandon the siege despite its powerful war machines and back on Lamballe. Clisson will retaliate by besieging the Cathedral of St-Brieuc. Clisson hotel has a Moncontour, probably located near the Porte d 'Up and castle ' s current location of several buildings, includingone that houses the offices of the Community of Communes. Evidenced by this chimney bearing the crest of the Constable! It '' s also this blazon Moncontour that chooses to represent themselves.

After the disappearance of Clisson in 1407, his daughter Margaret, said Margot, will take over the fight. With 'failure ' s attack against the Duke Jean V Champtoceaux (1420), it leads to the final fall of his family. The strongholds of Penthièvre are shaved (Lamballe); Only Moncontour ducal possession since 1410, is spared.

Author: Bertrand LHOTELLIER 23-03-2002