• Saint Avertin (or Ivertin - Yvertin - Livertin) 0

Saint Avertin (or Ivertin - Yvertin - Livertin)

Present at Notre-Dame du Haut
Confessor, twelfth century.
"Deacon and canon regular of the Congregation of Gilbertines, England, it is fellow exile Thomas of Canterbury. Then removed in Touraine, he devoted himself to serving the poor and pilgrims, before dying to 1189.
Can lonely death in the odor of sanctity and canonized by popular piety. He is the patron of Bougival, in the diocese of Versailles, but he is revered in many other places. "
An oratoryit was dedicated to Andel. Coated ornaments celebrant, he bows his head to the right and stands temples with both hands.

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