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Saint Clair

present at Notre Dame du Haut.
Clarus (lat.).
Cler in Celtic.
First Bishop of Nantes, in the third century. He was sent by the Pope to Brittany to 280 by giving him sole relic the nail had pierced the right hand of St. Peter during his crucifixion.
The legend has aged founder of the seat of Nantes Saint Lin, successor of St. Peter, the sacra, say, a bishop in the year 69 and died at 96. This way of doing it live in the first centuryallowed the fabulous hagiography to get in touch with a disciple of Joseph of Arimathea, Dennalus from Great Britain in Brittany at that time.
St Clair died in Réguiny the land of Vannes, an October 10 Today, the church of this parish still retains a trepanned skull is assigned, and a cenotaph dedicated to him on which decrypts the following inscription: "St. Clair, buried icy X. October 868. " But we also know that hisbody was transported from Nantes to Angers in 878 during the Norman invasions and there was kept in a shrine gilt, until the Revolution, in the church of the Benedictines of St Aubin. However, his skull was worshiped in the seventeenth century in the cathedral of Nantes. Also Borderie has he seen in this duality skulls "an irrefutable proof of the duality of the two characters."
Saint Clair is invoked for healing eye and ask for good weatherfor crops.
A Réguiny until 1890, plunged the head of the saint in the water with a pool and people of blindness or blindness used this holy water to wash the eyes.
A Latin hymn is sung 1400 to implore the grace of the Holy order to obtain the cure of blindness, "celebrate by pious hymns / Saint Clair gives clarity to the blind."
It is celebrated on October 10.

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