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Saint Hubert

Present at Notre Dame du Haut
Bishop eighth century
"Born in Aquitaine in a noble family, he leads initially a social life at court Thierry III and Pepin of Herstal. Converted, he was ordained priest by St. Lambert, Bishop of Maastricht, in which he succeeded. He transferred the body of his predecessor in Liège where he fixed his episcopal see in the following year 720. It converts the idolaters of the Ardennes forest and dies afterconsecrated the new church Fur-en-Brabant 30 May 727. His body was brought to the church of Saint-Pierre de Liège, then transferred to the abbey in 825 Windrow in the Ardennes. "

He has the dedication of a church (Brusvily), a shrine in St John the Baptist and St Antoine St Jacut of Led chapel and a statue in the church of St Symphorien in the Leslay.
This is the only character revered Trédaniel that is not of Celtic origin. He is shownas a small figure holding a spear in one hand and a book in the other, wearing a long tunic and wearing a curious flat cap, next to him, is the traditional deer.

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