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Saint Lubin

Present at Notre-Dame du Haut
Bishop, sixth century.
"After eight years of monastic life in his hometown, he went to St Avit in Perche, on the advice of it, goes to the monastery of Lérins but stops at the island Beard, near Lyon. Prisoner of the French during a war between them and the Burgundians, it is abused but managed at great expense to return to St Avit. On the death of the latter, about 530, he spent 5 years in the wildernessCharbonnières. He was then ordained by Ethereal, bishop of Chartres, before becoming abbot of Bron, in Perche, then bishop of Chartres from 544 to his death in 557. Upper Brittany, it is always Langaulnay near Becherel at Lizio near Josselin, and its chapel Plémet. "
He has his statue in the fountain of the Seven Saints Yffiniac, fountain and chapel Plémet statue in the church of St Guyganton Lanfains and fountain, fountain and chapelSt Lubin Coz-Ilis in Kergrist-Moelou. boss chapels Coz Ilis to Kergrist-Moelou, Plémet, Plémy ​​and Saint-Mayeux, the truce Lizio to Sérent (Morb.) Church Longaulnay (I. & V.) is dedicated to him since the twelfth century.
He gave his name to several villages in Plémet, Rostrenen and Langan. It is represented in the following parishes: The Foeil (Chapel St Laurent), Lanfains (church), Perret (church) Plussulien (Chapel Seledin) The Quillio (ChapelSt Maurice), Saint-Caradec (church), St. Tréphine (chapel of Notre-Dame des Fontaines) Yffiniac (Chapel of the seven saints) and Plémy ​​(St Lawrence Chapel).

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