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Saint Mamert (or Mamers)

Presents at Notre Dame du Haut
Bishop, fifth century
"Mamertus was one of the glories of the Church of Gaul. Bishop of Vienna, Dauphiné, illustrated by his knowledge, his virtues and miracles, he is best known for having introduced the Rogation prayers. He is the witness of the great public calamities falling upon the land, and his episcopal city during the invasions of the Huns. For ward, he ordered prayers and fasts during the 3 days preceding the Ascension.
TheRogation practice adopted by all the churches of France and in the ninth century, Pope Leo XIII ordered to the Church of Rome.
Mamertus died in 475 and was buried in the cathedral of Vienna. His body was transferred to the next in Orleans where Protestants burned in the sixteenth century "the century.
St Mamert celebrated on May 11th is the first of three 'ice saints. "
statues in his likeness exist in La Chapelle-Neuve, Trédaniel and Trébry, to Hénon, his statue is builtin a house.

- But did we not, for st st Tujen Mamertus like "Romanized" the character? In the case of st Mamertus, it would not be the bishop of Vienna, but st Mamertus Brittany, in fact st Mamas of Caesarea who lived in the third century in sympathy with the wild beasts, and was accused of magic . Thrown to the beasts of the circus, he was spared by them. Plunged into a fiery furnace for 5 days, he was protected by angels. He was finally guttedsuddenly trident, which explains its representation and the fact that recourse to him against stomach ache.

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