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Saint Meen

Presents at Notre Dame du Haut
Abbot of the seventh century
"Born in Britain in the province of Gwent, contemporary and probably the parent of St. Magloire and St. Samson, Bishop of Dol, he spent in Brittany, where he preached the Gospel. It is established by St. Samson abbot of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Gael. In the Middle Ages, it is given the ability to deliver the toothache. The Cluny Museum preserves an ancient coin from him. In 1648, St. Vincent de Paulspent fifteen days the crowds attracted to confess his grave. "
Saint Meen is revered by a fountain and a chapel Loudéac, a statue and a chapel Bourseul, a fountain, a church and a statue TREMEVEN, a statue Plourhan and a chapel (now defunct) in Plaine -High.
It cures insanity (Trédaniel), skin diseases (Fountain Pléchâtel, I. & V.).
A fountain is dedicated to Guilligomarc'h (Fin.), another in Cancale where he treatedsores ("evil Saint Meen") grandchildren, another still Ploumoguer where he treated scabies.

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