• Stained Glass Saint Mathurin 0

Stained Glass Saint Mathurin

Stained 1520

This is the oldest stained glass of the church
It reads from top to bottom, left to right.
8 panels inspired by an image of popular piety.

1. Jacques de la Motte Vauclerc presented by her boss Jacques Maggiore.
"Health Jacob Deum ora pro me."

2. Saint Mathurin converts his father and mother
In the center, the saint violet cassock
On the right, his mother (green dress)
left his father (red dress)

3. The envoys of the Roman EmperorLarchant come to pray the holy to go to Rome to deliver his daughter.
At the first level, the saint kneeling
behind St. Jacques (blue dress)

4. Baptism of the father and the mother of Saint Mathurin
On the left, Saint Mathurin (purple cassock)
At the center, the baptismal font
Right, Bishop (golden miter, blue coat) ( 301)

5. Saint Mathurin is received by the emperor
On the right, the emperor, white beard
Before him, the saint kneeling
At the rear, two lords

6. St.Mathurin exorcise Princess
In the first level, the saint and the Princess kneeling
Above her, the demon who fled
Behind her, the emperor

7. Saint Mathurin heals the sick and infirm
Center St. Mathurin
Behind him, a nobleman on a horse
Before him, the infirm

8. On his return from Rome, Saint Mathurin soothes the tempest and covers the island of Lérins
At the first level, the sea and fish
A right, Saint sleeps in a boat
In the center, in the Saintprayer
left, the saint received by the monks.