• Stained glass window of Saint Yves 0

Stained glass window of Saint Yves

Dated 1537
Michel De Bayonne
The tympanum contains five tongs
Above, God the Father and 4 angels
From top to bottom, left to right
( 200) 1. Yves Saint listening lessons from a friar of Rennes and takes notes while his comrades are bored.
Basically, Yves Saint serves mass.

2. Yves Saint sitting in the chair of the official of Tours, a young girl asks the diocese of Tréguier denies her marriage.
At the first level, the clerk shall record the testimony.

3.Miracle of the Mass of Saint Yves
In the first level, Yves Saint celebrates Mass
At the time of the elevation of the white dove
Holy Spirit appears ...
In essence, the saint distributes wheat to the poor.

4. In the first level, Yves Saint poured water on the hands of a cripple leaning on a crutch.
Basically, Yves Saint receives poor to his table.

5. In the first level, Yves Saint gives alms to the poor 2.
Basically, it treats a patient lying
In addition, he buried adeath.

6. The death of Yves Saint: it is guarded by two angels.
At the top of the table, the soul of the saint.

7.8.9. form only scene:
Yves Saint between the rich and the poor
He holds in his hand the roll of the trial.
Stained dated (1537) on the right and left of the stage

Yves Saint bears the official costume
Cotte red and white cape, studded cover ermine, purple slippers (301 ) He is wearing a red beret.