• Stained glass window of St. Barbara 0

Stained glass window of St. Barbara

Dated 1538
Michel De Bayonne
8 panels
From bottom to top, left to right

1. Dioscorus, the father of St. Barbara, the urge to worship idols.

2. The priest Valentine, a disciple of Origen, exposes the holy Christian religion.

3. The Baptism of St. Barbara: holy, completely naked, in the water up to their knees. The priest pours water on his head. An angel attends baptism.

4. Sainte Barbe tells the architect to drill a thirdwindow in the tower.

5. Sainte Barbe is delivered to the Provost by his father.

6. Holy is beaten with rods, you can see the Provost and two executioners.

7. The executioners tear his chest with tenail ¬. The Provost is seated left.

8. Sainte Barbe is doomed to be carried naked tra ¬ to the city.
An angel is a cloak to hide his nakedness
Another key to heal his wounds.

The tympanum contains 5 tongs containingscenes relating to the history of the saint.

At left, Dioscorus beheaded his daughter
Sainte Barbe is carried to heaven by angels 2.

Right, Dioscorus was struck and killed by a de-mon.

Panels 1 and 2 are modern.