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Story of the Pardon ofSaint Mathurin

Saint Mathurin

Is a native of Larchant (3rd century)

For nearly six centuries, we had never apparently heard of him. It is unclear why suddenly, in 875, the Parisian monk Usuard introduced him into martyrology. In the following century, a biographer wrote his biography.

According to legend, Mathurin was born in Larchant, between Malesherbes and Nemours in Gâtinais. His parents, Marin and Euphemia were pagans, his father was even ordered by Roman Emperor Maximian, to exterminate the Christians in the country. However, Mathurin was secretly baptized by Bishop Polycarp at the age of twelve. He converted his parents, became a priest at twenty years of age and then began to perform miracles. He had a special gift to cast out demons. His reputation spread in the region and beyond and even reached the Emperor who sent for him to cure his daughter Theodora. Confronted with the princess, Mathurin made her drink a little oil which caused her to vomit immediately releasing the demon from within her body. Having exorcised this evil spirit, Mathurin lived for another three years in the Eternal City, serving persecuted Christians under the protectection of the imperial family. When he died at the begining of November he was buried in a Roman cemetery which was against his original wishes but was later reinterred in Larchant, his home village.

St. Mathurin was very popular in France in the Middle Ages.He was especially invoked for unbearable wives and madness. It goes without saying that 'once in possession of Larchant (1004), the canons of Notre-Dame de Paris wanted to reclaim his relics.They kept a portion at Larchant and placed the other in the chapel of Saint-Mathurin they had built in the Latin Quarter of Paris. At Larchant, a church dedicated to him, rebuilt by the canons of Notre-Dame de Paris from 1153, proved popular with the pilgrims and the sick who flocked there for centuries. Several kings of France, Louis XI to Francis I and Henry IV, also made the pilgrimage to Larchant. The legend of the healing of the girl possessed by a demon brought St. Mathurin to be invoked for healing the insane. He then became the patron saint of clowns, fools, entertainers, but also sailors in Britain and tin smiths in Paris.

The Cult of Saint Mathurin in Brittany

In the Cotes d'Armor, the church of Moncontour is dedicated to Saint Mathurin and a very beautiful stained glass window depicts episodes from his life. His bust is in duplicatel 'a silver, in which is embedded a small relic of the frontal bone, the bust is carried in procession on the day of the annual Pardon which takes place at Pentecost. Another marble bust is displayed in the church so that pilgrims may pray at any time. Prayers are often said for those afflicted by nervous illnesses witnessed by the burning of candles, offering of flowers and dedications written in an open notebook requesting to be read at Mass.

A book is available on the subject.
Summary of book "The Pardon of Saint Mathurin Moncontour Brittany "

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Although considered less important in the twentieth century, the Pardon of Saint Mathurin is always well attended at Moncontour.