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The detours \ 's history

Celts and Romans succeed in the territory of Langast, leaving few traces.

The foundation 's St. Gal church dates from the sixth century. Enclave in the diocese of Dol Saint Brieuc, Langast is under the control of 'a prior 1330 and acquired the title of parish in 1452. This are six noble houses, in the fifteenth century.

In the seventeenth century, Colbert Langast allows to organize markets paintings and cattle. The town becomes a townthriving commercial. L 'election takes place the first municipality in 1790. Violence erupts between Chouans and Republicans, and in 1795 a republican mobile column is attacked during 's an ambush.

In the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, it 's the most important municipalities in the canton commercially: it exports several thousand kilograms of butter in the region of Rennes. In 1859, 1,512 people Langast account. Landes cover part ofland. They are cleared in the nineteenth century to allow the cultivation of buckwheat.

Langast was before the revolution, a major commercial and administrative center, with halls, free and beneficial land for fairs, housing for staff, a spacious church ...

Langast is today 's dynamic and a small rural town full ' s strengths to welcome you.

The town forms a remarkable architectural gem with the 's Church StGal, long regarded as dating from the sixteenth centuries, the restoration completed in 1995, revealed elements of architecture dating from the tenth century (at the latest) and murals.
D 'after the regional conservation of historic monuments in Brittany, the discovery of these paintings is a major event for the knowledge of medieval painting.

Paintings three different periods:

  • Romance
  • XVIcentury
  • XVII and XVIII century

D 'other buildings also deserve ' s attention

  • The chapel of St John (XVI century)
  • The castle of Rochay ( XVII century)
  • The castle of Pontgamp (XVII century)
  • The castle Dessessart (XV century)

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The valley of linked offers superb ride fromMany trails are arranged along the water, often through the woods to the delight of hikers.