• In the footsteps of Boishardy 0

In the footsteps of Boishardy

Boishardy, chouan Chief Moncontour region , had a mansion on the townBréhand . It 's égalment this town that ' s one can find the homes of his mother and his fiancée, Josephine Kercadio.

  • These three manors are(1)Boishardy(fifteenth century) (2)Quimby(fifteenth and sixteenth centuries ) "the smallest of the small manor ", still with its chapel, which is in very poor condition (3)The Louët City(sixteenth century)
  • L inputBoishardy chouannerie in placeafter the intervention District Lamballe , who poirte on the list of emigrants, so that it is confined to the Rochell. Despite his rehabilitation, it will stay underground where it came despite himself.
  • In the exercise of 300,000 men in 1793 , Boishardy, dressed in peasant standing on the wall of the cemetery Bréhand harangue a hundred young people andordered them to tear the roleconscripts . Now Boishardy, nicknamed "The Wizard " , was sentenced to death in absentia and has to hide in the surrounding countryside.
  • In December 1794 a first meeting between Republican and Boishardy fénéral Humbert , takes place in theLandes Gausson . The second, shortly after, will be held in the City Louët, while the third will be held in Moncontour (4), l ' Mansion of the Latimier Clézieux , rich merchants canvas.
  • It will be a Royalist leader tragic end on the night of 16 to 17 June 1795 . He was surprised by a patrol in the meadow, called theLower Fieldsin Bréhand. To protect Josephine Kercadio and two companions Boishardy sends them to theChapel of Saint-Malo(5). He was killed at the edge of the meadow, its head cut off and stuck on the end of 'a pike is paraded through the streets of Lamballe and Moncontour before ' be filed under the windows of Hoche, then thrown into a pond.
  • A cross(6)along the road Bréhand-Moncontour recalls that tragic night .
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