The history of the road D1

The D1

The road that crosses the Pays de Moncontour is probably the oldest and historically most important link. It is mentioned on the map by Mr. Ogée in 1769 indicated then as D6. At that time it linked St Brieuc to Moncontour via Trégueux, Hospital, Quessoy and La Ville Chaperon. Further back it was part of a Roman road linking Lanvollon, St Brieuc, Moncontour Merdrignac...

This route proved essential for carrying the raw linen trade to Loudéac before rejoining Paimpol and Lannion. At the time of the Tisserands (weavers particularly for sail cloth -18th and early 19th) the St Brieuc- Loudéac road via l'Hermitage did not exist.

All who went from St Brieuc to Loudéac used this route.

Being part of an old Roman road,the route had been made in a straight line, which meant dealing with steep gradients ranging from 12-15%. It was not until 1850 that the road was greatly improved by levelling valley floors and hilltops as well as widening bends to take away many difficult obstacles.

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