• The mansions of Parliamentarians Britons Country Moncontour and Parliament of Brittany 0

The mansions of Parliamentarians Britons Country Moncontour and Parliament of Brittany

The Parliament of Brittany

The Capetians deputed their right of "high justice" in a court that took, in St. Louis, the name of Parliament.
became the central organ of the Royal JUSTICE, (it is a Court of Appeal) Parliament further records the royal ordinances, which gives him a role POLICY.
From the sixteenth century, 12 provincial parliaments are created.
The Parliament of Rennes, the seventh in chronological order is established in 1555.
For the bettercontrol, the king fixed composition: 16 Britons, 16 non-Breton, a non-Breton President (an exception in 1777, the Marquis de Catuelan).
Parliament frequently conflict with the royal power, against which he defends Brittany freedoms.
"The Breton parliamentarians, from the nobility of high extraction, rich manors and land, proud of their legal and political power, are a caste respected and feared." (John Meyer)
The night of August 4 dismissesParliaments of their power and they are deleted 6 September 1790.

Moncontour as seven other bailiffs of medieval Britain, has its Seneschal and his seneschal. This royal official judge at first instance serious cases involving, for example nobility, and revise or confirm the sentences handed down by the lower bars, ducal or private. This is the first judge and the President of the Court but also the domain administrator. In the Middle Ages,senechaussee depends Parliament while from the sixteenth century présidiaux or during interim justice are established between them.
The houses described are according to inventory when parliamentarians are in possession of these areas. The current status is somewhat different.

Region Moncontour also saw other MPs whose homes have now partially or entirely disappeared.


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