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The Moncontour Loudéac Railway

It was part of the second railway network which was opened to passengers April 6, 1925. The train would stop at Gare de Moncontour, La Tantouille (Plémy) Colisan, la Hardiais (Langast) before heading on to Loudéac.

You can still hear stories about everyday life of the time from those around who still remember the railway. Between 1915 and 1939, it was not uncommon to see a locomotive hit a stray cow, cause a team of horses to bolt or even collide with a motor vehicle.

Despite the popularity with the local population of Pays de Moncontour, the rail service could no longer withstand fierce competion from bus and truck companies and as a cosequence closed the Collinée and Plémy ​​and St-Brieuc Loudéac lines to passengers and freight in 1934.

Having existed for only a short period of time, there are many reminders of the railway still to be seen locally : bridges, stations, cuttings... a memory of yesteryear.

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