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Le Théatre du Costume

Carolyne Morel having retired after a successful 40 year career in the making of costumes, hats, jewelry and accessories for film, theatre and fashion houses has provided Moncontour with her last creation. Determined to pass on her know how and skill, she has created this costume museum single handedly over recent years.
Carolyne from the conception of the themes to the making of the models and dressing them has created everything herself. Sewing , embroidery, painted backdrops and model figures. Wood, fabric have no secrets for her! This exhibition will surprise and fascinate you? Carolyne will too!

1st part: The life of a knight through the Middle Ages.

Incorporating a 100 scale figures in costume in the back drop of a castle the "Fresque Familiale" tells the story of a family from a dying Granfather to young Grandson through various rooms depicted in the scene.

Part 2: The evolution of the costume of Louis XII 1900

Carolyne Morel has created and made wooden figures (1/3 human scale)dressed strictly to conform with the fashion of the day. Each setting is displayed with furniture arranged in front of hand painted back drops to give an authentique three dimensional feel.

This is a costume museum to see. It will surprise you ...

Discover the Théatre du Costume : imagedailymotion.com/video/xu89...
also read the works by Carolyne Morel
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