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Timber frame houses

or a half-timbered house timbered house, consists of two main elements:

  • A wood frame, the structure of the house, which is made of poles and pits.
  • The stud, which form the walls and has a role filling and stiffening. Filling between the wood is made of bricks (floods most often) or lightweight materials such as mud or plaster.

This technique, which already existed in the Roman antiquity,has been used in France since the early Middle Ages until 'in the nineteenth century. However, in the eighteenth century and throughout the nineteenth century, the facades of houses with wood sides to give them a more luxurious and modern look is plâtra. You can still see many half-timbered houses in Alsace, Normandy or Brittany eg Moncontour Tréguier or Morlaix but also in the Landes and Troyes, one of the European cities with the largestsurface remains of the Renaissance. Currently, plans for restoration of these houses are implemented in order to preserve and restore their original character.

For more information visit: imagefr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maiso... C3% A0_colombage